Homemade Soups

At Patti's Bakery located in White Oak, PA, you can indulge in our scrumptious hot soups that are prepared fresh every day. Our soups are perfect for a satisfying lunch or a light dinner. You can either enjoy your meal in our cozy dining area with free parking and WiFi, or you can take your soup home in sufficient quantities for your family.

We offer four different sizes of soup that are suitable for your convenience. You can choose from an 8oz bowl priced at $3, a 12oz bowl priced at $4.50, a 16oz bowl priced at $6, and a 32oz bowl priced at $12. All sizes except the 32oz come with one Italian roll. However, if you order the 32oz, we provide two rolls to complement the soup. Depending on the soup of the day, we may occasionally switch up the rolls.

Soups calendar for July 2024