About Patti's

The story begins all the way back to Grandma Fiasco's house. Patti recalled that whenever she would stop by, her Grandma would be so upset because she hadn't cooked anything. Next thing she knew, the table would be filled with food, and the Italian words 'Mangia! Mangia!' or in English, 'Eat! Eat' could be heard.

Patti kept this in mind when she started baking. She was pregnant with Andrew and wanted to stay home to bake in order to earn her own money. She began in the kitchen and, after wreaking havoc in it, she transformed the basement into her very own bakery. Cakes and cookies were devoured, and as word spread, her little bakery kept growing.

So Patti continued baking, and as Andrew, Brittany, and Jenna grew older, they joined her in the venture. They experienced some of their most memorable moments in that little basement bakery. Many laughs and enjoyable times were shared as Patti invited family and friends over to assist her and her children in baking. The business kept expanding.

Andrew decided that he wanted to open a shop with his mom. Being a college student at the time, he noticed the lack of good coffee shops where students could study. So they dreamed of not only opening a full-service bakery with skilled bakers but also a full-service coffee shop with expert baristas.

A saying that Andrew held onto during this time was the Italian phrase 'La Familia Sempre,' which means 'Family Always.' When he expressed his desire for the shop to embody that feeling, Patti assured him that they would build on it. Thus, the shop opened, with 'La Familia Sempre' serving as its motto, capturing the same essence as Grandma Fiasco. Now, more people would hear those familiar Italian words, 'Mangia! Mangia!'

When guests enter the shop, the aim is for them to feel as if they are stepping into Grandma's house. Such a place is magical. You leave feeling better than when you arrived, regardless of whether you had the best or worst day. It rejuvenates you, providing a temporary escape from the world. This nurturing and refreshing environment is what makes the shop truly special. It keeps Grandma Fiasco's memory alive and allows others to experience that same nurturing feeling for which she is remembered. This is what it is truly about: making everyone who walks in feel like they are part of the family and preserving the family's memory, just like the motto, 'La Familia Sempre.'