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Custom Wedding Cakes

Our primary aim is to create a wedding cake that meets your expectations, regardless of whether you choose a simple or complex design. To achieve this, we use only the finest ingredients and pay careful attention to every detail to ensure that each bite is as delectable and moist as the last. We have had the pleasure of collaborating with lovely couples from Pittsburgh and beyond over the years. We absolutely love working with any couple that is in love, including any religion and LGBTQ couples.
The cost of our wedding cakes varies depending on the design and size you select. We require a $50 deposit to secure your order, and our starting price for a wedding cake is $4.00 per slice. If you prefer a fondant cake, the starting price is $5.75 per slice. Payment for your wedding cake must be made in full two weeks before the scheduled delivery or pick-up date.


Wedding Cake Flavors:

• Spice

• White

• White Almond

• Chocolate

• Red Velvet

We also offer specialty wedding cake flavors (these flavors cost extra per slice):

• Snickerdoodle

• Creamsicle

• Oreo

• Pink Champagne – made with REAL champagne!

Mr and Mrs wedding cake

Wedding Cake Fillings:

• Oreo

• Raspberry

• Raspberry cream

• Bavarian

• Cherry

• Cherry walnut

• Apricot

• Lemon

• Vanilla Mousse

• Caramel Buttercream

• Chocolate Mousse

• Strawberry Buttercream

• Cream Cheese

• Fudge

• Apples

• Queenies ( Patti’s signature icing)

• Seasonal fresh fruits ( $1.00 Extra per slice)

Green and Blue wedding cake with black flowers

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Delicious Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes can be a convenient and delicious addition to your wedding celebration, allowing guests to mingle while enjoying a sweet treat. These cupcakes can be a great complement to your wedding cake, cookie table, and cannoli station.
The cost for standard wedding cupcakes is $15.00 per dozen, while specialty cupcakes are priced at $30.00 per dozen. In addition to the cost of the cupcakes, there is a setup fee of $25.00. If you need a cupcake stand rental, there is an additional fee of $50.00, along with a refundable deposit of $100.00.
If you're interested in ordering wedding cupcakes, booking a cookie table or cannoli station, or scheduling a free consultation for your wedding cake, please call us at 412-896-6246.

Pittsburgh Cookie Table

In the Pittsburgh area, the tradition of having a cookie table at weddings has become just as significant as having a wedding cake. Guests of all ages adore the vast selection of scrumptious cookies that are available, making the cookie table a crowd-pleaser. If you are unsure about which cookies to choose and how many to order, our wedding team can assist you during the complimentary wedding cake consultation.
We also offer a range of other dessert options, including cannoli stations and cupcakes, to add more variety to your wedding dessert selection. To place an order for your Pittsburgh cookie table, cannoli station, or cupcakes, or to schedule a complimentary wedding cake tasting, please contact us at 412-896-6246.

Cannoli Stations

At Patti's Pasticceria, we offer a unique and delightful dessert experience for weddings by providing cannoli stations. Our cannoli recipe, which has been perfected by Patti's father, Tony Fiasco, is a beloved family recipe that has been passed down through the generations.
We believe that the cannoli stations offer a fun and delicious dessert atmosphere that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Our cannoli stations are customizable, offering a variety of flavors and toppings to choose from.
Cannoli Station Details: Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake. Toppings: Walnuts, Coconut, Sprinkles, Mini Chocolate Chips, Crushed Oreos, Graham Cracker Crumbs.
Pricing: $2.50 per guest, plus $75.00 per server and delivery fees.
Service Details:
• For 25-100 guests, we provide one server.
• For 100+ guests, we provide two servers.
If you're interested in adding a cannoli station to your wedding dessert selection, please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.